Sunday, December 29, 2013

L&L built bikes at new L&L shop opening in Rijen (Netherlands) today

This is the award winning vintage racer built and owned by Paul van der Gulik (of L&L Choppers):

Great high neck, look at the mount of the handlebar:

Now, the L&L attacKIT frame as basis for a Sportster engined bobber...:

and another one:

Chopper built on the basis of a L&L attacKIT frame and an 883cm3 Sportster engine and Sportster parts: 

L&L also offer hardtail frames for ironhead engines. Beautiful metal flake paintjob by Royal Jack of Royal Kustom Works:

L&L frame for Buell engines:

Another masterpiece: L&L attacKIT frame, sportster engine and two 23'' wheels:

Gold leaf pinstriping on Paul's vintage racer by El Cheapo:

New promising high neck project:

Nippon lane splitter, based on a L&L hardtail frame and a 1200 Sportster engine with loads of products of the L&L Tokyo Thug-line added. Building of this bike was covered in Bigtwin magazine this year. Paintjob was done by Royal Jack:

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